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Tam Tam Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Tam Team is composed of excellent and devoted members with synergistic expertise in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, metabolism and endocrinology, drug design and delivery, working with cell lines and mouse models for various metabolic conditions.

Alumni //

  • Ibrahim Knani (Current, PhD Student at the Technion)

  • Noa Reuveni (Current, Postbaccalaureate Research Fellow, NIAAA, NIH)  

  • Dr. Emma Portnoy (Current, Post-doctoral Fellow at NYU, USA)

  • Maya Eylon (Current, Pre-Med Student at Whittier College in Los Angeles)

  • Nir Treves (Current, PhD Student at the School of Pharmacy)

  • Dr. Adi Drori (Current, Research and Business Analyst, Stewart Group)

  • Riki Hadar (Current, Under Pension)

  • Yael Soa (Current, R&D Scientist, Rafa)

  • Dr. Shahar Azar (Current, Post-doctoral Fellow at the NIH, USA)

  • Dr. Shiran Udi (Current, Resident in Prosthodontics, Dental Faculty, HUJI) 

  • Dr. Dekel Assaf (Current, Resident in Maxillofacial Surgery, Rambam)

  • Elad Ben-Cnaan (Current, Trainee QP, Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd)

  • Dr. Shira Hirsch (Current, R&D Scientist, Immunex)

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