Prof. Yossi (Joseph) Tam

Principal Investigator

  • Scientific Advisory Board Member, Phytecs

  • Scientific Advisory Board Member, EPM 

  • Scientific Advisory Board MemberBioNanoSim


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Dr. Vica Trembovler

Lab Assistant

Office: +972-2-675-7580

Dr. Liad Hinden

Research Associate

Office: +972-2-675-7650

Anna Permyakova

PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7756

Asaad Gammal

PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7757

Sharleen Hamad

PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7756

Elad Ben-Cnaan

MSc Student

Office: +972-2-675-7756

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Dr. Saja Baraghithy

Lab Manager

Office: +972-2-675-7580

Shira Hirsch

PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7757

Majdoleen Ahmad

DMD/PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7757

Ariel Rothner

MSc Student

Office: +972-2-675-7037

Radka Kocvarova

PhD Student

Office: +972-2-675-7037

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Our team //

Alumni //

  • Ibrahim Knani (Current, PhD Student at the Technion)

  • Noa Reuveni (Current, Postbaccalaureate Research Fellow, NIAAA, NIH)  

  • Dr. Emma Portnoy (Current, Post-doctoral Fellow at NYU, USA)

  • Maya Eylon (Current, Pre-Med Student at Whittier College in Los Angeles)

  • Nir Treves (Current, PhD Student at the School of Pharmacy)

  • Dr. Adi Drori (Current, Project Manager, Scopus BioPharma Israel, Ltd.)

  • Riki Hadar (Current, Under Pension)

  • Yael Soa (Current, Research Assistant, BioNanoSim, Ltd.)

  • Abed Musa (Current, MD Student at the Faculty of Medicine)

  • Dr. Shahar Azar (Current, Post-doctoral Fellow at the NIH, USA)

  • Dr. Shiran Udi (Current, Resident in Prosthodontics, Dental Faculty, HUJI) 

  • Dekel Assaf (Current, Dental Student, HUJI)